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5 BEST Kids Shower Heads [UPDATED for Jan. 2022]

3 Best Kids Shower Heads of 2021

Does your child always put up a fight before bath time? Is bath time becoming a daily ordeal that they avoid no matter how much you encourage them? If you’re a parent who struggles with a kid who simply doesn’t want to take a bath, then you’re not alone. A lot of parents seem to find it difficult to make bath time appealing to their children and may think that their kids will never like bath time, ever.

Teaching your child about maintaining proper hygiene is important. Daily reminders about bath time is great, but the children wanting to do it without forcing them to is way better. There are certainly several ways on how you can make bath time more fun for them, and using a kid-friendly showerhead is certainly a great way to make that happen. Here are our favorite kids’ shower heads that will surely make bath time more enjoyable for your little one!

1) ConservCo Fun & Adorable Bath & Shower Wand

ConservCo Fun & Adorable Bath & Shower Wand comes with a Rickie the Rhino design that the little ones will have fun playing with! This easy-to-install shower head has a soft spray that is gentle enough on their skin, and can even be used on infants!

2) My Own Shower Children’s Shower Head

My Own Shower Children’s  Shower Head has a detachable hose to suit your child’s height for them to reach the shower head easily. It even has a patented connector that is compatible with any regular showerhead, so you won’t have to remove it every time your kid takes a bath.

3) Waterpik Safari Spray

Do you want a unique-looking fixed showerhead for your tot? The Waterpik Safari Spray comes with an elephant showerhead with a flexible trunk as a hose. Once you install this in the bathroom, your kids will definitely like bath time more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a kids showerhead and a regular showerhead?

Regular showerheads have settings such as a massage spray, high-pressure spray, or a mix of both. While these are comforting features for adults, kids will definitely dislike how harsh this is on their delicate skin. Kids need a showerhead that’s suited for them, that’s why it’s better to have a separate showerhead specifically for them.

How long does a kids showerhead last?

Ideally, you should be able to use them as long as a regular showerhead, ranging from seven years to over a decade. Keep in mind that if your water supply uses hard water, showerheads with cheaper materials may possibly wear out faster than high-quality showerheads. If you encounter any defect with your item, most kids showerheads have at least a one-year warranty, but it’s best to contact your manufacturer about these matters.

What’s the average price range of a kids showerhead?

Unlike regular showerheads, kids showerheads are actually affordable. In our list, the price for each ranges from $10 to almost $40. Any budget-conscious parent can feel at ease knowing that they can make bath time for fun for their kids without paying too much for a single showerhead.

Now that you’ve chosen a shower head for your little one, how about pampering yourself this year with one of our best rain shower heads or high pressure shower heads.