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5 BEST LED Shower Heads [UPDATED Jan. 2022] with Reviews

Showering has become a mundane daily activity that we never really bothered with improving our shower quality to feel more refreshed and invigorated. Getting this feeling before we head out to work or school is an important factor that affects our daily mood, so why not look for a great way to start your day?

For a daily energy booster, we suggest getting an LED showerhead. As strange as this may sound, these unique showerheads induce a multi-colored light show that will surely boost your mood no matter how bad your morning is. Sing your heart out in the shower and turn every bathing time into a performance with these! If you think these lights are merely just for show, they actually serve as a visual indicator of the water’s temperature, and some even have built-in filters. Check out our favorite LED showerheads that you’ll absolutely want to add to your bathroom!

1) PowerSpa 7-Color 4-Setting LED Handheld Shower Head

The LED lights on the PowerSpa 7-Color 4-Setting LED Handheld Shower Head are powered by running water and they change automatically once in a while, no need for manual control. In just a few minutes of installation, you’re all set to take a bath with this fun showerhead!

2) Milky House LED Shower Head

Who says you have to pay more for better shower experiences? For the budget-conscious, the Milky House LED Shower Head is the most affordable item in our list. This low-cost showerhead also has ABS chrome plating that prevents corrosion and damage from regular use, making it look as good as new!

3) DreamSpa Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing Showerhead

The DreamSpa Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing Showerhead uses the lights as a visual cue for water temperature. No need to test the water temperature on your skin and proceed to burn yourself afterwards, simply take a look at your showerhead and adjust the temperature to your liking!

4) PRUGNA LED Shower Head

If you want a showerhead that purifies the water and gets rid of harmful elements like chlorine, the PRUGNA LED Shower Head is a great choice. Its built-in filtration system helps remove elements that could potentially harm your hair and skin unlike other showerheads with no filter.

5) KAIREY LED Handheld Shower Head

The KAIREY LED Handheld Shower Head comes with self-cleaning silicone nozzles, which prevent the build-up of lime and mineral deposits that often results from using hard water as your water supply. This prevents the nozzles from being clogged up and spraying water in weird directions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I use an LED showerhead?

Most LED showerheads are quite durable and are built the same way as regular showerheads. They will last for more than a year before needing attention. But if you notice any defect, make sure to inform your manufacturer’s customer service line for any assistance.

How often does the color change on an LED showerhead?

Almost all showerheads have a gradual shift in color, not too slow that you get tired of a single color before it changes and not too fast that it might potentially trigger a seizure. The

Where can I buy an LED showerhead?

You can get these in both physical and online stores. For a convenient shopping right at your home, we recommend checking the products on our list on Amazon.

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