Next Shower is a website tailored to offer you the best shower-purchasing experience. We’ve compiled a list of showers categorized into different need-specific subsections to keep you updated on the best deals in the bathroom and wet room world, as well as helping you choose the right shower for your needs.

Whether you’re a carer with young kids, looking for luxury after a hard day at work, or looking for something suitable for those with mobility or other issues, we have done the hard work to bring you all the best options in one place.

Showers create a sense of relaxation and harmony as well as, perhaps because of, being one of the most functional and utilitarian rooms in the house. Personally, I used to while away longer than I should have in the shower, planning the bathroom of my dreams. Now I’ve put all my research in one place, you can make the smallest room in the house the chicest too.

This website came about to stop me from having to repost this information to my friends every time they go through a renovation. After working in the industry for more than a decade, I’ve become confident in the range required for the needs of all customers. One of them suggested I set up a website, and here we are! The goal of this website is to provide everyone who is interested in making that private space a little more perfect.

I would suggest you get a new shower based on at least these three criteria:

  1. Your budget – We have found showers with state-of-the-art specifics for even the stingiest budgets if you follow my advice on what to look for. Consider this as an investment into the property as well as your personal heaven. An impressive or very practical shower can be memorable and even a deciding factor! Bathrooms tend to be a longer-term investment and refurbished far less often than the living room or bedrooms.
  2. What size you want your shower – Size matters when it comes to showers. The size of the room will obviously dictate for most. In larger bathrooms you may be spoiled with options, but how does one fit an awkward area like a downstairs cloakroom?  etc.
  3. Which specific features do you want and need? – Having in mind exactly what your requirements are is really helpful in finding the best product for yourself. Consider all those likely to use the shower and how it should make you feel.

To make everything easy for you, I constantly update this website with new content that will help you make your decision quicker and also get informed about the latest showers and the new features and tech that are being added.

Get the best showering experience of your life with Next Shower!