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5 Best Towel Bars for Bathrooms Of 2022


You moved into a new home or a new apartment with a beautiful bathroom that you absolutely love. Then you took a long relaxing bath and suddenly realized that you forgot your towel outside. What is your towel doing outside? Silly you. You forgot to bring your towel inside the bathroom because there is nowhere to hang it.

It might seem like an insignificant thing at first thought. You might not even consider it when planning for your bathroom, but a bathroom towel bar is actually very important whenever you take a bath. Without a towel bar, you would either forget your towel or have it lying down on your bathroom floor or sink. Upgrade your bathroom and get one of our favorite towel bars – not only are they functional, but they also add to the overall luxurious bathroom aesthetic.

1) Delta Faucet 75918 Trinsic

Delta Faucet 75918 Trinsic is one of the best-selling towel bars from Delta. It has a sleek and modern design that will fit in with your shower. If you are still in the process of building your bathroom, this Delta towel bar pairs up with coordinating bathroom accessories such as a showerhead and faucet.

Trinsic is available in different finishes; polished chrome, Venetian bronze, champagne bronze, and stainless steel. It 18 inches in length – perfect for standard towel size.

2) Moen Sage Collection Double Towel Bar

The Moen Sage Double Towel bar has a brushed nickel finish. It gives a lightly brushed warm grey metallic look that is perfect for a sleek looking bathroom. If you want to pair it with other accessories for your bathroom, the Moen Sage has a coordinating collection that will go well with this towel bar. You can use this towel bar not just for your bathroom but also for your kitchen. It is great for one large towel or for hanging two standard towels with its 24-inch length.

3) Franklin Brass Kinla 24″ Towel Bar

The Franklin Brass Kinla is another great 24-inch towel bar that is perfect for hanging multiple small towels or one large body towel. It has a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze finish and a high-quality zinc die-cast build. It is easy and simple to install and all installation hardware and materials are already included in the package.

4) KES Bathroom Towel Holder

The KES Bathroom Towel Holder offers 2 ways for easy installation. You can use the included strong glue for a drill-less installation. This is great especially if you are renting your place and you cannot afford to damage the walls. The second way of installing this towel holder is to screw-mount the bar using the anchors and stainless steel screws. It is rustproof, perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry area. It has a length of 12 inches, just enough for a standard size towel.

5) JunSun Square Towel Bar

The JunSun Square Towel Bar is a heavy-duty towel bar made of premium stainless steel. It has an anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-tarnish finish. It has a modern design with a unique square design and the mounting screws are hidden for a sleek bathroom look. Its length is 23.6 inches, which is perfect for large bath towels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are towel bars necessary?

Towel bars are mostly overlooked necessity. They are for easy access to towels when you take a bath and also to let them hang to dry when not in use. Towel bars are not only useful in the bathroom but also in kitchen and laundry areas.

Where to place towel bars?

Towel bars are usually located near the sink and showers for convenient access.

What size towel bar should I use?

An 18-inch towel bar is great for standard size towels or you can also opt for a 12-inch towel bar for small spaces. You can get a 24 inch or 30-inch towel bar to fit one large bath towel or two standard-size towels.