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5 Best Rain Shower Heads Reviewed for 2022

5 Best Rain Shower Heads for 2021

Are you looking to upgrade your shower but do not know where to start? It is always a great idea to upgrade your shower head. We have great selections of showerheads for you to choose from. Check them out!

1) Vida Alegria Spa 8

The Vida Alegria Spa 8 is a gentle and soft rainfall showerhead. It provides an 8-inch square area with dense coverage of water that streams consistently and evenly. It has 144 jet nozzles that are made from flexible silicone material. This makes it easy to clean and de-clog from mineral deposits. It is perfect with Vida Alegria shower arm to make your shower a rain spa haven.

2) Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower

The Moen Velocity Two-Function Rainshower head is a beautiful and highly reflective shower head with chrome finish. It offers a powerful pressure that boasts three times more spray power than most showerheads in the market. You will surely enjoy the immersion technology and self-pressurizing system that gives a thorough cleanse every single use.

3) Voolan 12 Inches Large Rainfall Shower Head

The Voolan Large Rainfall Shower Head features a 12-inch square head that is large enough to cover your whole body. It is made from polished stainless with a mirror finish that looks modern and fits most bathroom styles. Its nozzles are self-cleaning and prevent mineral build-up and clogging. It also has a swivel ball connector that lets you adjust the angle of the showerhead easily.

4) SparkPod Shower Head

The SharkPod Shower Head is a luxurious rainfall showerhead. It offers a high-pressure hot water jet that guarantees a nice warm shower each use. It is easy to clean with its rustproof and rubber jets that remove hard water deposits. It is easy to install and maintain despite its luxurious features.

5) Signature Hardware Single Function Rain Shower

The Lamert Rainfall Shower Head is an attractive upgrade to your shower. It has a big 10-inch shower head that provides a rainfall water flow. It is easy to install and has a Signature Hardware limited lifetime warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different Types of Shower Heads?

The showerhead types are fixed, rainfall, single function, and multifunction showerheads.

Wall or ceiling mounted?

Most showerheads are wall-mounted because it is easy to install and upgrade. But for rainfall shower head it is better to mount it on the ceiling to get the full effect of rain falling. Consult with your plumber the best mounting for your shower.

Single function or multi-function showerhead?

The single-function showerhead might not be your first choice when choosing a shower head because you think it limits your showering experience. But a single-function showerhead is great for a rainfall shower head that is mounted on the ceiling because it is highly unlikely that you will reach out to change the settings from your ceiling every single time. But if you are mounting your shower head to your wall you can definitely choose a multi-function shower head for a great variation.

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