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Best Bluetooth Shower Heads 2022: Play Music Wirelessly!


The best thing about showers is that they are the perfect place to think and sing while scrubbing yourself clean. You can be lost in your thoughts and think of amazing ideas while you are in the shower or you can be immersed in your very own concert.

Some people even bring their phones inside their bathroom to accompany their singing and dancing in the shower. This can be inconvenient because not all phones are waterproof so they can’t be brought inside the shower. On the other hand, some bathroom spaces are small and oftentimes do not have ample counter space for your phone.

What if you could have all the music you love inside of your shower without having to worry about your phone? Up your shower concert game with a Bluetooth Shower Head. Trust us, showers will never be the same.

1) Kohler K-9245-CP

The Kohler Shower head with a wireless speaker is the perfect addition to your bathroom to stream your playlists, podcasts, news, audiobooks, and other audio in your shower. Use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop outside of your shower up to 32 feet away, to sync with the shower head. It is water-resistant that you can pop in and out of shower head to recharge. You can also use this as a wireless speaker to play music in any room when you are not using it with the shower head. Its battery can last you approximately 7 hours of run time so you will never run out of battery while singing and dancing in the shower.

2) iFox Creations

The IFox Creations is the best sounding shower speaker with white filled buttons for convenient use in the shower. It is 100% waterproof and can be submerged up to three feet. It connects quickly to your Bluetooth device and has a 33 feet range. Enjoy 10 hours of battery life that you can enjoy in the shower or even in your car with its suction cup that you can attach anywhere.

3) Atomi Bluetooth Showerhead

The Atomi Bluetooth Shower head will give you crystal-clear audio inside the shower. You can use it for music and even hands-free calls. It is equipped with a built-in microphone and a one-touch button for the convenient answering of phone calls. It is easy to install with a screw-on shower head and a snap-on magnetic speaker. This Bluetooth shower head will last you up to six hours of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting?

Bluetooth Shower heads are a great addition to your shower experience especially if you love singing in the shower. It will give you a better audio experience than using your phone to play music. Bluetooth shower heads are specially designed to play with more clarity so the sound will not be drowned out by the sound of your shower. It is also a much safer option than risking your phone getting wet by the sink.

Is it easy to install?

Installation of Bluetooth shower head is very simple and can range from screwing and snapping on to your existing shower. There are no special tools needed and you certainly won’t need to call a plumber for the job.

How long will it last?

These speakers usually last about seven hours on a single charge. It is easy to remove it from the shower too and recharge it. Unless you shower for 7 hours each time, you won’t be needing multiple charges often.