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Building An Outdoor Shower Is Easy – Follow Our 3-Step Guide

Paige Sanders

Working in the garden can be a messy chore, and you definitely wouldn’t want to make a track of dirty footsteps inside your home. Worse, you just came home with your muddy pet after an hour of exercise, and you have no way of cleaning them outside the house! If this has happened for quite a number of times, it’s probably a great idea to invest in an outdoor shower.

Most people would think that outdoor showers are an unnecessary luxury, but they would be surprised that these are actually helpful in keeping your home cleaner. A dirty pet can be immediately washed outside, and you can instantly take a shower right after yard work. What’s more, taking an outdoor shower is a great way to freshen up during those hot summer days! Building your own outdoor shower is a task that doesn’t necessarily require the help of a professional, and our tips and tricks will help you in creating a fully-functioning outdoor shower.

Find the best place to build a shower head

Before anything else, you need to find the right place to build a shower head. The easiest way is to scout for the areas nearest to a hose or any source of water. Ideally, the closer your outdoor shower is to your house, the easier it is to set up plumbing. With this in mind, the best areas to build your shower head is on the side of the house. This also allows you to gain access to both hot and cold water lines.

Create some privacy

To prevent any peeping Toms from spying on you while you take a shower, make sure to cover up. The walls can vary depending on your preferences but if you want a simple divider, you can use corrugated metal sheets or plywood. These are pretty customizable, and you can easily design them with paint or stain.

If you don’t have much time to customize your shower walls, pre-built shower walls are available on the market. These are significantly easier to install and they offer a more professional finish, but they tend to be more expensive than DIY outdoor shower walls.

Is your shower head attached to a fence or a wall? The easiest way to make a wall is by using a curved shower curtain. It’s definitely cheaper and easy to install and provides a cooler outdoor shower experience.

A good drainage system is a priority

If your outdoor shower is installed right at the side of your house, a drainage system shouldn’t be a problem, but you still have to ensure that nothing blocks the water flow from the shower to prevent pooling. You can let the water seep directly to your garden, but make sure that your shampoo, soap, and conditioner are environmentally friendly to prevent damage to your plants. If you’re unsure how to create a working drainage system, it’s best to let a professional resolve the matter.