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What Exactly Is A Table Shower? Who Invented It & How Do You Use It?

Lisa Morgan

A regular visit to a spa is a guaranteed means to loosen up and unwind from the stress brought by work and other day-to-day tasks. It’s not a bad idea to treat yourself with a relaxing massage or a refreshing facial, but how about something new for a change?

If you want to experience a new and different way to relax, then it’s a great idea to try out a table shower. It’s exactly what the name implies: you lie down on a table while being showered by a therapist. This might sound like a novel way to unwind, but the entire process of a table shower is what makes it a refreshing experience that you should try out the next time you visit a spa.


A table shower, also called a Vichy shower, originally came from Vichy, a spa and resort town in France with lots of thermal springs. In the original Vichy shower, you lie down on a wet table with a continuous stream of spring water flowing throughout your body. You’ll have two therapists to massage your body as well.

Spas outside Vichy have adapted the same treatment, although the main difference is the water and the number of therapists assigned per client. Regular water is used, which is released by several showerheads with different spray settings depending on your preferences, and only one therapist will be assigned to you.

Comfort level

Since you are technically taking a shower in this procedure, these are typically done completely nude or with disposable underwear or a small towel. For females, a piece of cloth will be used to cover their chests. All steps in the procedure are done while you’re lying on the table. For this reason, you’ll need to decide if you will be comfortable with that level of nudity before booking an appointment at your local spa.

The procedure begins with you lying face down on the table. The therapist will adjust the temperature depending on what’s comfortable for you. A washcloth or a soft loofah will be used to lather a specialized soap of your choice on your back except your head and hair. Afterward, the therapist will rinse your back using the multiple showerheads before asking you to turn over. The same process will be done on the front part of the body.


Any spa treatment that includes water is certainly a soothing experience that calms our senses, that’s why it’s not surprising to find out that a lot of people have tried out table showers at least once. The natural flow of the water massages the body and promotes proper blood circulation throughout the procedure. Better yet, some spas offer a little extra to their clients by way of adding body scrubs and wraps that helps rid the body of harmful toxins. In just one procedure, you’re getting a 3-in-1 combination of cleansing, massaging, and detoxifying your body!