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What Is A Sprinkle Shower & What Shower Head Can Achieve It

Duncan Brookes

A sprinkle is lighter than rain but heavier than a drizzle. It doesn’t drench you with huge droplets of water in seconds, but just enough for you to retain visibility of your surroundings. And let’s be honest here, we loved playing outside as kids when this happens! There’s something about the charm of a sprinkle that immediately boosts our energy during our childhood, and modern showerheads can bring that charm right at your own bathroom, even on a daily basis!

Rain shower heads with sprinkle shower effect

To imitate the feeling of getting soaked in a sprinkle, rain shower heads normally aren’t high in pressure. While it is relaxing for some to take a shower using a high-pressure shower head with a massage feature, the relaxation you’ll get is milder and will make you want to shower for a longer period of time. However, newer models have integrated other features where you can enjoy both a sprinkling shower effect or a powerful concentrated shower experience.

What sets rain shower heads from regular shower heads is that having a wider shower head provides more coverage. Typically, most homeowners install them on the ceiling, but newer shower heads can be installed on the wall. Rain shower heads flow water from the top of your head downwards, unlike regular shower heads that direct the water towards your upper body.

Other shower heads with a sprinkle shower effect

Wondering if you can get the same effect with other showerheads? While they may not provide the same coverage as a rain shower head, most fixed and handheld units have a gentle spray feature.

The closest to a rain shower head experience is a fixed shower head. These are mounted on the wall and are usually smaller in size, but several brands have released newer models with wider shower heads and more spray nozzles. The holders are adjustable, so you can simply position it overhead for a similar rain shower experience.

Benefits of a sprinkle shower

A sprinkle shower provides great relaxation if you prefer a milder spray setting. A rain shower head delivers this feeling the best out of the other shower head types. Nothing beats the experiences of letting the water fall from your head, mimicking the sensation of getting soaked by light rain. A lower shower pressure places you in a better mood compared to high-pressure shower heads that leave you gasping for air.

Rain shower heads with a sprinkle effect have wider coverage, removing the need to adjust your showerhead in different directions just to fully soak your body with water. You simply have to stand still, and let the water flow from your head down to your feet.