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Have To Wear A Cast? Check Out The Best Way To Shower With A Cast On

Paige Sanders

Wearing a cast is a must if you have a fractured bone, but it certainly limits your movement and makes the simplest tasks difficult. Also, you have to keep them dry at all times to prevent skin irritation and infection. If that’s the case, how are you supposed to keep yourself clean every day?

Taking a shower with a cast might seem like a highly inconvenient daily routine, but there are ways to keep your cast dry and maintain proper hygiene. For this article, we’ll show you several methods on how to keep yourself clean and some tips in case your cast got wet during bath time.

Waterproof your cast

To waterproof your cast, there are several options depending on your budget and the availability of materials at your home. The easiest way to do so is to use a cast cover. These are designed to prevent water from seeping through the cast and keep it as dry as possible. Typically used for arm and leg casts, cast covers come in various sizes and colors depending on your preferences. For extra protection, you may want to purchase a vacuum-sealed cast cover.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can use common household items as an alternative. Small trash bags, newspaper bags, and sealable plastic bags usually work well as an affordable substitute. Pull it over the cast and seal the opening with a rubber band or duct tape. Always check the plastic bag for holes before taking a shower.

Plastic wraps can be used as a homemade cast cover as well, but you have to wrap it tightly. Make sure that the openings are sealed properly with rubber bands to keep water away from the cast.

Consider alternatives

If you have an arm cast, taking a bath might be a better solution instead of a shower. Simply rest your arm on a stool near the tub and use your other hand to wash your body, making sure not to splash around water.

Have you tried a sponge bath before? Typically done on a person confined to a bed, this type of bath lessens the risk of getting water on your cast. This is also a better option for kids in a cast because an adult can control the amount of water that comes into contact with their children.

Drying a wet cast

In the event that your cast accidentally got wet, make sure to dry it soon as possible to reduce the damage to your cast and minimize the risk of infection. Use a hairdryer on a cool setting, or try a vacuum cleaner with a blower setting. Afterward, call your doctor immediately. They may have to replace your cast right away to prevent infection and irritation.